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ART history 102/103 (prof. Black): Introduction to..

NGA Images from National Gallery of Art

See the National Gallery of Art "Open Access" policy. For more information on copyright check the "Citing" page in this guide.

Van Gough, Flower Beds in Holland            Jan Steen, The Dancing Couple        Giovanni Bellini, The Infant Bacchus

Words to Remember..


Use the TABS ABOVE ↑ to open pages with different resources:


  • helps you with your search vocabulary - start with "Finding search terms" 
  • tells you how to search the library database of books in print - the catalog 
  • has links to CSM Library databases of books online 

Articles and Databases:  

  • information on how to select and use CSM Library databases - which contain articles, movie clips and images
  • explanation about scholarly articles


  • a video on evaluating - and searching and selecting - websites
  • recommended websites...

Citing and Evaluating Resources: 

  • great (and short!) tutorials on evaluating resources
  • help on evaluating Wikipedia articles
  • information about Google Images search
  • visual guide to deciding on when to cite,
  • a short answer to "Why cite?", and 
  • links to resources that will help you create citations


Other Research Guides to Follow..