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Evidence Based Nursing Research: Articles & Databases

A guide to Library and Web resources focused on the field of nursing, as well as broader medical topics.

Access Library databases from off-campus

Library databases can be accessed from on-campus networks and you can also use those databases from off-campus networks. You will need a PLS library card. Library cards are available to students attending class on campus and also to distance students. You should also have your PLS library PIN number (usually this is the last 4 digits of your phone number) available.

Identify the database you'd like to use from the CSM Library Database webpage.
If you are accessing the databases while using the CSM campus network (including wifi network), you should gain direct access by clicking on the title.
If you are accessing the databases while using a non-CSM campus network (ex: at home, work, on smartphone with data connections, etc), click on the title of the databases and you will be asked to input your library card number and  sometimes asked your library PIN number before getting into the database.

Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Resources

PubMed Search with Filters

A keyword or MeSH search in PubMed will return results that include filters to:

  • nursing journals
  • core clinical journals
  • bioethics
  • guidelines
  • randomized controlled trials
  • systematic reviews
  • meta-analysis
  • full text articles
  • national center for health statistics (nchs)
  • patient education handouts

How do I search PubMed?

Free-text, natural language (English only) query for MEDLINE/PubMed