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International Students - Welcome to the Library!: IN THE LIBRARY

This guide introduces the CSM Library to CSM international students. We hope you will use it to find your way around the library, off- and on-line. Remember - you and your questions are welcome at the CSM Library!

FAQs about Circulating Collection

A few BOOKS (out of the 100000 in the collection..)

Periodicals (magazines, journals, newspapers)

Are these the only magazines in the library?

In print - yes. However, this is just a tiny part of our periodicals subscriptions - most of which are online. See the menu above - "On the library website" and "English (and other languages)" - for more information.

Research Help

Do you need help..

  • understanding a sentence?
  • finding a right word?
  • citing?
  • formatting? (a paragraph, a picture, an Excel sheet..)
  • finding resources?

just ask at the Reference Desk.

You are welcome!

Computers and more..

Anytime, during the opening hours, you can use the library computers.

  • desktops: log in with your CSM or PLS library card (or ask at the Circulation desk for a "visitor pass")
  • laptops (just ask at the cirulation desk)

You can bring in your laptop or tablet - we have Wifi

You can print, photocopy or scan