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International Students - Welcome to the Library!

This guide introduces the CSM Library to CSM international students. We hope you will use it to find your way around the library, off- and on-line. Remember - you and your questions are welcome at the CSM Library!

Articles in Magazines and Journals

Most of the CSM Library database are published by three companies: EBSCO, PROQUEST and GALE. Interfaces to databases published by one company differ from the interfaces published by another. Interfaces to database published by the same company tend to look similar.

Quality News

Books Online

There are two things to remember about ebooks in the CSM collections:

1. eBooks, unlike printed books, do not share a catalog. Each ebook database must be accessed and searched separately (see the list/icons below)

2. You need a library card to access ebooks online off-campus, and to download them to your computer. In addition, in some cases you will be asked to create a separate (free) account.

Movies and Images