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3D printing at the CSM Library: WELCOME!

Hands-on 3D printing

Get familiar with the software and with setting up and using the printer (use the basic menu, change the filament, etc). Hands on! 

3D software is available on all library computers. We have only 3 printers so "first come, first served" applies. Use this guide to learn about the software and printers beforehand.

Studio (3D printing, Maker): Drop in, no registration necessary. Come alone or bring friends! Wednesdays 12-2, Thursdays 1-4* and Fridays 11-1*.

Tutorial: Register for one-on-one session (up to 1 hour). Mondays 11-1 and Tuesdays 4-6.

*also available: Laser engraver and cutter; learn more at



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CSM Library hours

Our recent 3D prints

Perseverance (by gzumwalt, Thingiverse). Painstakingly put together by our student assistants (Thanks, William and Anthony!)

Pangolin (by amaochan, Thingiverse)

Pseudo Sin Wave (by gzumwalt and ThreeHamsWillKillHim, Thingiverse)

Various designs from Thingiverse

1.25 Hubble telescope lens

1.25 telescope lens featuring Hubble medallion