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ESL 400 (prof. Lake): An Introduction

Information to Remember

Vocabulary to Know

This glossary consists of commonly used terms in academic libraries.


Use the TABS ABOVE ↑ to open different pages with different resources:

Topic development: (note the drop-down menu for this one..)

  • help with your search vocabulary and process - check the videos the CSM Library created
  • explanation on how to search the library database of books in print - the catalog - for books on your topic
  • information on how to select and use CSM Library databases - of articles and books

Books and eBooks:  

  • links to online books databases
  • links to selected titles in the library catalog (books in print)
  • Help on searching the library catalog: 

Articles & Databases

  • links to selected CSM Library databases
  • links on information about scholarly articles
  • Help on using CSM databases:

Evaluating Information:  

  • great (and short!) tutorials on evaluating resources
  • an example of finding information about the website content creators

Citing & plagiarism

  • a flowchart for decision making about citing
  • a short answer to "Why cite?", and 
  • how to cite and what tools to use
  • exercises to check your understanding of plagiarism


  • recommended websites