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Nursing 241: An Introduction..

This guide has been created to aid students taking the Nursing 242 course. It focuses on resources for the Health Fair presentation.

Words to Remember..


Use the TABS ABOVE ↑ to find different resources:

Articles and Databases:  links to selected databases of articles and periodicals.

Books: links to selected books in print, in the catalog.The option to start searching the library catalog of books is present on every page - just use the "Search"  box  above

eBooks: links to selected ebooks - encyclopedias, hanbooks, manuals..

Communication:  finding information about communicating and the community you serve

Video materials:  links to video clips and animations in the CSM library databases

Web Resources:  links to recommended websites

Citing Resources: links to resources that will help you create citations and "works cited" list (also called "bibliography" or "reference list")

Evaluating Resources: how to evaluate the information you found 

Continue Your Research

Need more information? Check subject guides listed below.