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ENGL 100 (Prof. Lau) Spring 2022: An Introduction

Welcome ENGL 100 Spring 2022

Welcome to the CSM Library

Use this guide to get familiar with CSM Library resources that support your research for ENGL 100 Spring 2022.

Textbooks, Assignments & Key Resources

Required Research Tutorials (for CSM's Information Competency Graduation Requirement)

This self-paced tutorial is designed to introduce College of San Mateo students to the basics of information literacy and prepare them for college-level research. All of the lectures within this tutorial have been chosen by CSM Librarians and tailored to the needs of CSM students.

This tutorial contains six different units, each of which contains a collection of lectures (readings and videos) designed to help guide students through the research process:

You have all semester to complete this tutorial but as your librarian, I recommend that students move through the units in order to get the fullest understanding of the research process but this tutorial is entirely self-paced and self-guided.

Completing this tutorial in ENGL100/105 satisfies CSM's Information Competency graduation requirement.


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Words to Remember