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APA Citation Style & Formatting

A guide to citing sources and to creating a list of references.

Citing Articles in APA Style

These examples show how to create citations for articles from different article sources. These citations go on the reference page at the end of a paper or presentation. To see how to cite a source in the body of the paper or presentation, visit In-Text Citations tab in this guide.

Article Citation Examples

Journal Article: From a database or journal's website

General Format
Author Last Name, First Initial. Middle Initial. (Year of Publication). Title of the article. Title of the Journal or Magazine, Volume Number, Page Number-Page Number.DOI:xxxxxxxx or URL of publication home page

Example - No DOI

Waring, G. & Levy, D. (2009). Challenging adverse reactions in children with food allergies. Paediatric Nursing, 22, 16-22.Retrieved from
Example - With DOI
Dorea, J.G. & da Costa, T.H.M. (2005). Is coffee a functional food?British Journal of Nutrition, 93, 773-782.doi:10.1079/BJN20051370


Magazine Article: From a database or magazine's website

General Format
Author Last Name, First Initial. Middle Initial.  (Year of Article, Month).  Title of Article.  Title of Magazine.  Retrieved from
Berggoetz, B. (2010, September-October).  Decoding your medical bills: Take control of your health care costs. Saturday Evening Post.  Retrieved from


News Article: From a database or news website

General Format
Author Last Name, First Initial. Middle Initial.  (Year of Article, Month Day).  Title of Article.  Title of News Source.  Retrieved from
Sterngold, J. (2007, May 21).  Prisons' Budget to Trump Colleges'.San Francisco Chronicle. Retrieved from


Section (web page or article) from other types of websites

Section of a website - Organization as author
Organization Name. (Year of Web page).  Title of document or web page. Retrieved from
Oxfam International. (2009).  Asia-Pacific Disasters. Retrieved from
Web page - Named author, no date of publication
Author Last Name, First Initial. Middle Initial.  (Year of Web page's last update or n. d. for "no date"). Title of section or web page.  Retrieved from Organization Name website
Momand, M. (n.d.) Improving women's lives in rural Afghanistan.  Retrieved from Oxfam International website


What is a DOI?

DOI stands for Digital Object Identifier.  APA style includes the DOI when one is available. It can often be found in the .pdf of an article or in the electronic record.

The DOI is used to help identify and access academic articles online. It works the way an ISBN number works for a book.

If you have a DOI number, you can visit and find out how to access the article by entering the number.