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MLA Citation Style & Formatting 9th Edition

What is a Website or Web Page?

The difference between a website and a webpage is that a website is a collection of webpages with information on a subject, and a webpage is a smaller part of a larger website usually containing more specific information. If a website were a book, then a webpage would be a chapter in that book. Whether you cite a site or a page for a paper or project depends on what information you used.

Websites and Webpages in MLA 9

Webpage general format (most common):   Author name (if present). “Webpage Title.” Website Name, Website publisher (omit if same as website name), Day Mon. Year published, URL.
Example:   Lohrey, Jackie. "How to Write a Successful Resume." eHow, Leaf Group,

Website general format (less common):   Website Name. Publisher Name (omit if same as website name), Day Mon. Year published (if present), URL.
Example:   eHow. Leaf Group,

Internet Article Template

Magazine, newspaper, or journal article general format:   Author name. “Article Title.” Publication Title, vol.#, no.# (if available), Day Mon. Year published, URL.

Magazine article:

Jensen, Cheryl. "Fastening Seat Belts: The 3 Seconds that Save Lives." Consumer Reports, Aug. 2016, car-safety/fastening-seat-belts-3-seconds-that-save-lives/.

Newspaper article:

Okie, Susan. “Fighting H.I.V., a Community at a Time.” New York Times, 26 Oct. 2009,

Journal article:

Magalas, Laura, and Thomas G. Ryan. “A New Rendition of an Old Classic: The Young Writers Program as a Writing Workshop.” International Journal of Progressive Education, vol.12, no.2, June 2016,

Ebook Template (from the internet, not a library database)

General format, one author:   Author last name, First name. Book Title: With Subtitle if Present. Publisher Name, Year, Website Name, URL.
Example:   Burnett, Frances Hodges. Little Lord Fauntleroy. Scribner & Sons, 1866, Google Book Search,