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ENGL 105 Baden (Spring 2020)

Welcome to the CSM Library

Use this guide to support your research for ENGL 105 Spring 2020. I'll be working with your class to support your work on the Exploratory Research Project during  the instruction session.

My objectives for the instruction session:

  • Student awareness of specific CSM Library resources that support the assignment
  • Exploration search strategies challenges for this assignment.
  • Critical look at your research habits and assumptions

The Assignment

*This is an excerpted from assignment handout  from Spring 2020.

Your task

Part 2 — The research itself (at least 3 pages): As you contemplate the problem and do research, narrate the evolving process of your thinking. Include three kinds of information for your reader:

(1) External details of your search: conversations with friends and family, trips to the library website, methods for finding sources—the narrative “story” of your search and the methods you chose for research. → How you researched.

Part 2 of your paper should discuss no fewer than five sources that you deem credible, relevant, and important to discuss in regards to your evolving research and thinking on your paper’s focus.