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SOCI 160: Sex and Gender

Search Tips


  • Use a variety of keyword combinations when searching
  • Limit to full-text and scholarly articles
  • Try searching with examples
  • Not finding anything? Try simplifying your search to the most important terms only
  • Look at the subject headings
  • Add "sociology" to your search terms to limit to sociology related material
  • Try different databases
  • Email yourself good articles

Search Tips

Use the tips below to improve your searches in the library databases.

Keyword Searching using simple terms or phrases

  • Sierra Leone civil war
  • carbon emissions


Exact Phrase Searching

  • "colony collapse disorder"

The " " (quotation marks) means that the exact phrase will be used in your search; only items containing that exact phrase will be returned.



  • environ*

Returns all results containing words with environ as the root word i.e. envrionment, environmental, environmentalist, environmentally, etc.



  • rich
  • high income
  • upper class

Using different search terms in your searches that mean the same thing or are similar in order to capture a wider variety of results.


Broad vs. Narrow

  • undergraduate student (original term)
  • university student (broader term)
  • freshman (narrower)

If you find too many or too few results based on your searches, try broader or narrower terms to change those results.