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ENGL 105 Mangin (Sp 2021)

Between the World and Me and Final Essay

Finding and Developing Keywords/Search Terms


  • in the library catalog ("book record"): check the book's subjects and summary
  • in books in print: check back of the cover or inside cover for blurbs; read he "Table of contents"; scan the index for your keywords; scan the introduction for chapters' summaries
  • in ebooks: check the book's "Table of contents"; scan the introduction, conclusion and index
  • in articles: check the article's subjects, summary and abstract; scan the article's introduction and conclusion
  • in databases: consider browsing (rather than searching) topic databases like SIRS or Opposing Viewpoints (see the Databases of Articles page in this guide)

Focus and Aspects

Consider aspects (angles, facets) of your topic:

  • social or sociological aspects (e.g. gender, ethnicity, age; family; neighborhood)
  • socio-economic (e.g. income; class; occupation/educational level)
  • psychological (e.g. motivation, perception, stereotypes, habits, stress)
  • legal aspects
  • historical aspects
  • geography (e.g. United States? California? Developed countries? The West?)

Topic development (from Cardiff University (UK))

Video: Search Terms