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3D Printed Face Shields

College of San Mateo Library Makerspace would like to invite you to join us in a virtual demo in assembling 3D face shields. 3D Face shield kits will be available for students/staff to pick-up through the library’s curbside service after the virtual demon

Assembly Instructions - 3D Printed Face Shield 2021

Download PDF Instructions

3D Printed Face Shield Assembly Instructions 

April 2021



1 pc - 3D Printed Frame

1 pc - Transparency Film

1 tube - Super Glue

1 pc - Elastic Band

1 pc - 5 inch Foam Strip



  1. Lay down one 3D Printed frame with the opening facing upward.


  1. Place the transparency film in the middle opening of the 3D printed frame, then bend and insert the transparency sheet to the side openings of the frame.  



  1. To secure the transparency film, place one drop of super glue on each of the four points indicated in the photos below. (Please do not touch the glue while wet). 

            Drops 1 and 2

             Drops 3 and 3

  1. Let dry for 4 hours.


  1. Peel and place the foam to the middle of the 3D printed Frame.



  1. Grab the Elastic Band and tie it one end of the 3D printed face frame.





  1. Check to make sure the glue is dry before trying on your face shield.

             Wearing Face Shield