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ENGL 105 (Kurland)

What is a "scholarly article" ?

Tips for Evaluating..

Evaluating informationRegardless of the resource you're looking at, it's important to be critical of the information you read before you decide to use it. Use the five Ws to help evaluate your sources:

  • WHO (AUTHORITY):Author, creator, maker, institution, organization, etc. Credentials. Experience.
  • WHAT(CONTENT): Does the source fit your purpose? Comprehensive accurate, depth, scope. Who was it created for?
  • WHY (INTENT): Why was it created: to inform or to influence? Is it opinion or fact?
  • WHERE (MEDIUM TYPE): Published in a book, self-published, online blog, online institution. Article is peer-reviewed?
  • WHEN (CURRENCY): When was it published and how does that have any bearing on your topic?

Use the links below for more explanations: