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ENGL 105 (Prof. Lau) Fall 2021

When searching an article database..

When searching CSM Library databases (see the link above) consider the following:

  • use "advanced search"
  • limit your search to scholarly or peer-reviewed articles (in addition to full-text and time frame..)
  • check the references - and consider following them (i.e. searching for the articles listed in the references)
  • check the journal title - and consider searching/browsing this particular journal
  • read the summaries, abstracts and subjects to expand vocabulary
  • if the terms you thought of do not bring any results , check Thesaurus or Subject Terms or "Look up subjects"
  • try different databases on the same subject - and the "multi-disciplinary" ones as well
  • quickly scan the article you see for the terms you used to search. The terms might be highlighted; if not, use CTRL+F (Command+F on Mac)
  • watch the "Generating search terms" video (see the link below) 

Advantages of Article Databases

Why not just use Google????

  • library databases contain full text of articles ↓
    • you must make sure you selected "full text" from the search interface
  • you can narrow your search to particular dates, to scholarly (or peer-review) articles, to articles on particular subject, etc. ↓
    • select the limits on the "Advanced Search" page or in the search results page - it only takes a couple of minutes to look through the interface 
  • articles come with ready citations..though it is up to you to make sure the citations are correct ↓
    • look for the "cite" or "email" links or icons on the page.