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ENGL 105 (Prof. Lau) Fall 2021

Remote Access to Library Resources

Accessing CSM Library Resources Remotely

All current CSM students and faculty have access to all of the CSM Library's online resources from on- and off-campus. The CSM Library no longer uses PLS library card to access online resources, instead users can use their OneLogin credentials (same username and password as your Canvas account) to access library resources from off-campus:

Accessing Library Resources from Off-Campus

When accessing a secure CSM Library resource you will be prompted to login with your OneLogin account. Look for the blue OneLogin button and use your credentials (same as Canvas) to log-in:

SMCCD Students, Faculty, & Staff OneLogin screen

The library's new catalog and discovery service OneSearch also provides access to CSM Library's online resources. When using OneSearch select the SMCCD login option and proceed to log-in to OneLogin with your Canvas credentials:

OneSearch login screen with SMCCD Students, Faculty, & Staff highlighted

Remote Research Tools

Finding Online Resources in OneSearch

When using the CSM Library's OneSearch catalog you can limit your results by using the Refine My Results tool (located in the left menu when viewing on a desktop or laptop computer) and selecting Available Online (highlighted below):

Refine My Results menu with Available Online highlighted

Finding Full-text Magazine, Newspaper, and Journal Articles Online

Many of our magazine, newspaper, and journal articles can be found online using OneSearch but not all of our resources are currently indexed in the catalog. To search a specific database select a database to search from our databases list and select the Full-text option in the database when creating or filtering your searches. You can also browse a list of databases by subject.

Example of a full-text option:

Limit to: full-text (checked)

Finding Ebooks Online

Although some of our ebook titles are available through OneSearch, not all of the library's ebook holdings are indexed in OneSearch yet. A list of all of our ebook databases can be found at our ebooks & Audiobooks page.

The majority of the ebooks available through our ebook databases are academic in nature; for popular and leisure reading title we recommend using your local public library's online services.

Streaming Video

Current CSM students have access to a large collection of films that they can stream online for free. Check out our Streaming Video page to browse our collections, or visit below: