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IDST110 Fall 2021 (Anderson)

What is a Text Set?

A text set is a collection of related texts or resources surrounding a singular topic or theme. For this text set you will gather different types of sources representative of different points of view on one topic in order to create a better understanding of your topic from different points of view.

Text Set

Research Project/Response Journal: Text Set (Overview)


Step 1: Choose your topic.


Step 2: Select 3 types of sources that provide information to strengthen your understanding on this topic. The source types you can choose from are:

  • Audio-visual (podcast, video. Documentary, etc.)
  • Blog
  • Website
  • Magazine/newspaper article
  • Book
  • Scholarly article


Step 3: Watch, listen and/or read each of your selected sources.


Step 4: Answer the following questions for each source:

  • What made you choose this source?
  • Whose voice does this source represent? What type of expertise does this source have?
  • How did you find this source?
    1. What search terms did you use?
    2. What was your thought process in choosing this source?
    3. What steps did you take to evaluate the expertise of this source?
    4. What mistakes did you make while searching? What didn’t work? How did you correct this?
    5. Who has access to this source? (subscription, school database, computer, etc.)

What is a "scholarly article" ?

Short, illustrative and interactive guide to recognizing a scholarly article, from NCSU.

anatomy of a scholarly article