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ENGL 100 YAH 50618 with Vincent Fitzgerald 8:10 - 10:15 am - MTW, SUMMER 2022

This Libguide supports students research needs in the summer 2022 ENGL 100 taught by Vincent Fitzgerald *:10 -10:15 am MTW


While good robust Boolean search techniques allow one to get the most out of library databases,  Knowledge of how Boolean operators work is required in many places in today's information age. Anyone working with a large Excel spreadsheet will quickly understand the need to use Boolean search operators within Excel. Boolean operations are needed for work with MS Access databases, as well as  large enterprise level Oracle Peoplesoft  or Salesforce databases. Even some 3-D modeling software will also call for understanding the use of Boolean "OR" & "AND" operators in order to build up shapes or to subtract shapes to take a bite out of another shape. 


  • Use of a “library database” gives you access to a reliable citation generated from the database software.
  • Use of a “library database” content, generally means you do not need to apply brain power to determine whether or not the content is reliable, accurate, or presented by someone with authority