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A guide to CSM Library and Web resources on the subject of fire extinction and prevention.

Read "Fire Technology" - the Premier Trade Journal Online - All 9,000+ Articles

small image of the Fire Technology journal logo

For more than 144 years, "Fire Engineering", the premier trade journal for firefighters has been publishing authoritative stories about firefighting for firefighters. Through the Gale MasterFile database you can Click to read the complete  list of 9,000  plus articles full text articles from 26 years of  "Fire Engineering" (from 1995).


small image of a screen shot of articles listed as having been published in Fire Engineering journal. This image is used to provide color actual titles are barely readable.

Fire Engineering, which is in the Gale MasterFile database, can be accessed 24/7 on campus or away from campus by any currently registered student (or faculty). When prompted, enter OneLogin information and you'll be passed through on to the articles.

Search Academic Search Premier for Fire Technology Papers

Try the simple phrase search of "fire technology" include the double quotation marks.

To advance your search skills to the next level, read the Boolean Searching handout below.

Search Access Science for Additional Content Related to Fire Technology

Access Science is an online encyclopedia with high quality articles on fire science topics. Find articles using the search phrases (with the use of the quotation marks) "fire technology", "fire safety", "forensic arson", wildfires, "wildland fires", and "forest fires".

Effectively Searching Web Site for the Topic: Fire Fighting

Because most firefighting resources are associated with government,  a good way to improve a search on websites would be to limit one's search to government websites. There are two good ways to do this. The first would be  to use a specialized search engine that only searches on government websites. The search engine is one such and engine. Try a search for "firefighter safety".

tiny image of the website logo


The other way would be to construct a Google site search, where only sites in a specific domain, in this case .gov, are searched. Download the handout to see how to do this search     " fire fighting safety"