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Accounting: Articles & Databases

The Accounting guide has links to information about accounting standards and regulations, organizations, and annual reports and financial data.

Accounting and Tax Databases

Accounting Dictionaries Online (free online)

Advantages of Article Databases

Why not just use Google????

  • library databases contain full text of articles ↓
    • you must make sure you selected "full text" on the search interface
  • you can narrow your search to particular dates, to scholarly (or peer-review) articles, to articles on particular subject, etc. ↓
    • select the limits on the "Advanced Search" page or in the search results page - it only takes a couple of minutes to look through the interface
  • articles come with ready citations..though it is up to you to make sure the citations are correct ↓
    • look for the "cite" or "email" links or icons on the page.