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SOCI 121 / PSYC 120 Introduction to Research Methods

What is "annotated bibliography"

A simple descriptive or informative annotated bibliography

  • describes why the source is useful for researching a particular topic or question
  • presents the main arguments or conclusions, or summarizes the content
  • points out the sources distinctive (and relevant to the assignment) features

NOTE: the links below will show you examples of annotations at a more advanced level. Follow your professor's directions for what information should be included in your annotations.

NoodleTools for Annotated Bibliography

noodletools logo

NoodleTools is an online tool that helps you create citations and reference lists step-by-step. Try it, you'll like it!

NOTE: You need to create your account from any campus computer the first time you use it.

Where to find information for annotated bibliography

  • in the library catalog ("book record"): check the book's subjects, summary, publication date, and the "Reviews and more" tab
  • in books in print: check the back of the title page for publication information; back of the cover or inside covers for blurbs; read he "Table of contents" and scan the index for your keyowords; read the introduction
  • in ebooks: check the book's "Table of contents"; scan the introduction, conclusion and index
  • in databases: check the article's subjects, summary and abstract; pay attention to the publication date and the source (e.g. scholarly journal or popular magazine?); read the article's introduction and conclusion
  • on websites: check the URL (.edu? .gov? .com?);look for the "About" section, update dates, names and affiliations; what's the intent - sell, inform or entertain? 
  • Read the image of a libguide tab titled "evaluating resources" page in this guide..