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Math 145 (for humanities)

Khan Academy

khan academy  

Visit Khan Academy to find videos explaining mathematical concepts..

Better explained

Khalid Azad explains mathematical concepts: Essential Number Sense, High School Math and College Math.


See the mathematical function you are working on in the graph form.

Enter multiple functions separated by coma.

Google search logo

wolfram alpha

Before searching the Web..

..have you read and watched the "Evaluating resources" page? ↑↑↑  Make sure you know how to use Google and Wikipedia more effectively..

Evaluating Internet Resources

A short video created by CSM Library and CLIP.


YouTube is not the only source of videos..

Associations, Organizations or Educational Institutions Websites (examples)

Google's own tips and tricks..

Can you find out how to get to Google Advanced search?

Google Scholar

Google Scholar looks for scholarly materials on the Web (see Anatomy of a Scholarly Article under "Articles and Databases" in this guide).

Note that Google has very limited access to CSM Library databases.

Important: you need to tell Google to add CSM Library to their search query. Set Scholar Preferences on your computer - add the College of San Mateo Library.


Google Scholar Search