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Biology 220: Plant Classification

Predicting Invasions of Nonindigenous Plants and Plant Pests

Web Subject Directories

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Authoritative Sites for Studying Plant Diseases


Magnolia. Image from Britannica Online Academic Edition Database.

General sources of botanical information

Evaluating Web Sources

Try applying the CRAAP test to decide whether your information source is worth using.

C - Currency. What is the date of the source, and is it important for your purposes?

R - Relevance. Does the source relate to your information need?

A - Authority. Who wrote or published this source? Do the authors have subject expertise? 

A - Accuracy. Is the information in the source accurate? Can you verify it using another source?

P - Purpose. Is the information meant to entertain, educate, sell, or persuade? Can you discern a bias?

Plants in pictures