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CSM Google Apps for Education


Organize and search


Now that all your files are in Drive, here are some of the key ways you can stay organized.

In this section, you'll learn how to:


Move files to folders

Organize your Drive files by moving them to folders.

 On the web:

To move a file in My Drive:

  1. Select the file.
  2. Click More  > Move to Drive move.
  3. Select the folder and click Move here.

You can also drag files and folders to a folder in My Drive on the left.

Move files to folders

Google Drive on the web


To organize files in the Search results, Recent, Starred, Shared with me views:

  1. Select the file and if it’s not in My Drive, click Add to My Drive .
  2. Click Move to Drive move, select the folder, and click Move here.

 On your computer:

Select the files you want to move and drag them to any folder in Drive, the same way you’d move any other file on your computer.


Create folders

Any new folders you create in your computer’s Drive folder or in Drive on the web automatically appear on your devices so that you’re organized everywhere.

 On the web:

Click New and select Folder.

 On your computer:

Create new folders in your computer’s Drive folder the same way you create other folders on your computer.