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Handy resources for students of cosmetology at College of San Mateo. Includes search tips, books, ebooks, articles/databases, websites, and more!

Advantages of Databases

Why not just use Google????

  • many library databases contain the full text of articles
    (make sure to select "full text" in the search interface)
  • you can narrow your search using "facets" such as particular dates, scholarly (or peer-review) articles, specific topics or subjects, etc.
    (select the limits using "Advanced Search" or within the search results page)
  • articles are easy to cite, they come with ready citations...though it is up to you to make sure the citations are correct
    (look for the "cite" or "email" links or icons on the page)

New @ the CSM Library!

Behind the Chair magazineModern Salon

Database Search Tips

Select one of the databases in the box to the right to find articles, or view the full list of databases

  • Use "AND" to refine your search and narrow the number of results
    Example: nursing AND shortage
  • To search a phrase, enclose the term in "quotation marks
    Example: "alternative medicine"
  • To find all possible word endings add *
    Example: infect* finds infects, infected, infection, infecting, etc.
  • Too many results?
    Search the terms in the subject field, rather than all search fields
  • Still can't find what you need?
    Ask a librarian! We are here to help.

Suggested Databases