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ENGL 100 Jones (Spring 2020)

Research guide for Barbara Jones' ENGL 100 course. Focuses on refining research questions, selecting keywords for searching, and evaluation of resources.

Welcome ENGL 100 Spring 2020

Welcome to the CSM Library.

Use this guide to support your research for ENGL 100 Spring 2020. I'll be working with your class to support your essay on the I am Malala  that we will work with in the instruction session.

My objectives for the instruction session:

  • Student awareness of specific CSM Library resources that support the assignment
  • Exploration search strategies challenges for this assignment

The Book and the Assignment

*This is an excerpted from assignment handout  from Spring 2020.

Your task

For this assignment, select some aspect of Malala’s story as depicted in the book that interests you and formulate a question for a short (4 - 5 page) paper in which you use Malala’s book and at least 3 other sources from the library to answer the question.

There are 2 parts to this paper

  • One: your intro, question, and what you already know from Malala’s book
  • Two: What you found out from library sources.