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International Students - Welcome to the Library!: INTRODUCTION to this GUIDE (and the LIBRARY)

This guide introduces the CSM Library to CSM international students. We hope you will use it to find your way around the library, off- and on-line. Remember - you and your questions are welcome at the CSM Library!

CSM Librarian

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Kalina Tabatt


Use the TABS  to find links to different resources:

In the Library: links to selected books in print, in the catalog.The option to start searching the library catalog of books is present on every page - just use the "Search"  box  above. Also find there answers to FAQs.


On the Library Website: information about eBooks (with links) and databases of articles and periodicals. As well - explanations about this drop-down menu...

English and other languages:  learn about translation available in CSM article databases. As well: how to search the book catalog for books in other languages.

Citing and Plagiarism: links to resources that will help you create citations and "works cited" list (also called "bibliography" or "reference list")

Words to Remember..

Tour the Library..