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Math 145 (for humanities): Introduction to Math 145 guide


Use the TABS  to open pages with different resources:


  • tells you how to search the library database of books in print - the catalog 
  • has links to CSM Library databases of books online 

Articles and Databases:  

  • information on how to select and use CSM Library databases - which contain articles, movie clips and images
  • explanation about scholarly articles


  • a video on evaluating - and searching and selecting - websites
  • Google Scholar..
  • recommended websites...

Evaluating Resources: 

  • great (and short!) tutorials on evaluating resources
  • help on evaluating Wikipedia articles
  • information about Google advanced search, Google tips and tricks..

Citing Resources: 

  • visual guide to deciding on when to cite,
  • a short answer to "Why cite?", and 
  • links to resources that will help you create citations and "works cited" list (also called "bibliography" or "reference list")


Words to Remember..