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ENGL 100 Reynolds (Sp 2021)

A libguide for Reynolds class: Research strategies and Resources

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Leni Matthews

Evaluating Sources: Beyond the CRAAP Test (LIMITED info)

Evaluating Sources: Beyond the CRAAP Test (EXTENDED info)

Search Strategies

Tips for Searching

These tips are helpful for online and database searching.

Use Ctrl + F to find keywords within a document. Your word(s) will be highlighted throughout.

Use quotations to search for phrases: 

  • African American ---> "African American"

Use various synonyms or terms to describe a word and other related terms:

  • COVID 19 (Most databases use COVID-19)
    • education / schools / k-12 / learning
  • Climate change
    • global warming / weather and climate change / climate change skepticism

Sometimes, it's best to start your search at the Subject Terms (sometimes named Subjects) link:

The Subject Terms link shows you the correct terminology for a concept that the database uses.


Comics: Thinking about Researching

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