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Black Lives Matter and the Black Experience

A collection of resources that highlights the experiences of Black people. It also includes learning tools, data, and ways to contribute.


Mural in the Umoja Village

"The Village Mural -- Room 18-112 The Village Mural came about as a collaboration between four clubs: The Umoja, Puente, Polynesian and Fine Arts club...It turned out that the mural was to show the history, including struggles, of African Americans, Latino Americans and Polynesian Americans. This was quite a challenge, since each group had at least twenty important elements that they wanted in the mural. Nevertheless, the Fine Arts Club did an amazing job and designed a 9' x 26' mural that included all of their requests. The rest of the school year was spent drawing and painting the mural, which I estimate took at least 3,000 hours. The students who participated in this project were Tom Dude, Hannah Martinez, Teresa Emery and Parvin Falahpour. Rebecca Alex (Advisor to the CSM Fine Arts Club) 2010s."

Black History Month Art Walk

CSM Library is hosting two parts of the Black History Month Art Walk -featuring Afro-centric art. Cosmetology faculty Deborah Baker is displaying mannequins featuring black and African hairstyles from her collections. Jeramy Wallace, co-coordinator of UMOJA learning community, is sharing his collection of Ghanaian masks. Both collections are viewable in the display cases. The third part of the Art Walk is in the CSM President's office featuring the paintings of Susan Matthews. Click here for the calendar.


2/23: Black History, Black Psychology 11am-12:30pm @College Center (Bldg-10 Rm 194)

Join Personal Counselor, Kathryn Lige, LCSW, for a BHM workshop to learn about the history of “Black Psychology” and why it matters for us to be vocal about Black Mental Health. In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn, share, and ponder the field of psychology and the reality of Black mental health across the timeline.

Prof. Kathryn Lige


2/27: End of Black History Month Celebration 12n @The Village (Bldg-17)