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Evidence Based Nursing Research: Evidence Based Practice Competencies

A guide to Library and Web resources focused on the field of nursing, as well as broader medical topics.

ADN to BSN Guide | SFSU

Table 1. The Seven Steps of Evidence-Based Practice

7 Steps to the Perfect PICO Search in EBSCO Databases - PICO and Levels of Evidence

Step 0: Cultivate a spirit of inquiry along with an EBP culture and environment
Step 1: Ask the PICO(T) question
Step 2: Search for the best evidence (Ask a Librarian for Expert Assistance)
Step 3: Critically appraise the evidence
Step 4: Integrate the evidence with clinical expertise and patient preferences to make the best clinical decision
Step 5: Evaluate the outcome(s) of the EBP practice change
Step 6: Disseminate the outcome(s) (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2011)

American Journal of Nursing - Free online articles on nursing evidence-based practice methodologies.

Source: Melnyk, B.M., Gallagher-Ford, L., Long, L.E. & Fineout-Overholt, E. (2014). The establishment of evidence-based practice competencies for practicing registered nurses and advanced practice nurses in real-world clinical settings: proficiencies to improve healthcare quality, reliability, patient outcomes, and costs. Worldviews On Evidence-Based Nursing, 11(1), 5-15.