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Web Searching Tips

Web Searching Tips

  • site:search only within a specific site   site:www.stanford.ed​
  • filetype:find a type of file: PDF, DOC, TXT     filetype:PDF
  • define:find definitions for a word  define audacity
  • intitle:find words in the title of the webpage   intitle:inspirational
  • ..get ranges of numbers, dates, or prices    presidents 1800..1900
  • word * word find other combinations of words between words  ​​
  • - wordsearch for homer, but NOT simpsons    homer - simpsons
  • "word" find exact words - no synonyms or plurals   "peace" "freedom"​​
  • "set of words" search for exact set of words, quotes or phrases    "I have a dream"


  • +-*/add, subtract, multiply, divide12+68
  • % of percentage of a number12% of 68
  • cos() sin()trigonometry: cos, sin, tan, arcsin…cos(68)
  • km to miles  convert units: temp (C to F), weight (kg to lbs)    100 km to miles

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