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Advantages of Article Databases

The CSM Library subscribes to over 100 databases to help CSM students with their courses and classwork. Databases usually contain collections of newspaper, magazine, and academic articles, but they can also contain ebooks, films, images, and other specific types of content.

The databases below have been chosen by your librarian as the databases most likely to have the kinds of articles that you will need for your paper. This is only a small sample of the CSM Library's many databases, and you can definitely explore databases outside of this list.

Why not just use Google?

  • library databases contain full text of articles → make sure you selected "full text" on the search interface
  • you can narrow your search to particular dates, to scholarly (or peer-review) articles, to articles on particular subject, etc. → select the limits on the "Advanced Search" page or in the search results page - it only takes a couple of minutes to look through the interface
  • articles come with ready citations..though it is up to you to make sure the citations are correct → look for the "cite" or "email" links or icons on the page.
  • try the databases listed on this page - or select one (after reading the descriptions) from this complete list of CSM Library databases

Academic Databases for Scholarly Articles, Newspapers, & Magazines

Psychology Databases

Newspapers, Magazines, and more

Outside Research and News Sites