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3-D Express Printing Experience

Trial proof of concept

Your Second 3-D Express Session: Learn Tinkercad

This 3-D Express guided practice build upon what you learned in your first 3-D Express session. In this session you will learn how to build a simple model of a cork pal animal by "copying" the model held in the file using the free software Tinkercad. 

You will also learn to search thingaverse a repository of copyright free 3-D models in .STL files.

Be sure to follow the preparatory steps listed in the beginning of the handout.

3-D Express #2 Preparatory Steps

Per the instructions in your handout, Click Here to Go to Tinkercad (


Per the instructions in your handout, Click Here to Go to thingaverse (


Download and open this .STL file

This .STL file by the name "Leelo-Jarv" is required for you to begin "step 1"  listed in the handout. You will find it at the bottom of this box.  You should have downloaded it as part of your preparatory steps. Now, find it in your "download" file directory or where ever you had saved it during your download process.

Per the instructions in your handout, you will open Tinkercad, then import this file. If you wish to "open" this file by double clicking on it, be sure that your file opens in the software Tinkercad and not CURA.

screen shot of file Leelo-Jarv

Next Steps

After having completed 3-D Express #1 & #2 you should know how to

  • find a pre-existing model in in Thingaverse
  • convert the .STL file into a .GCode file ready for printing
  • duplicate or change the dimensions of the finished model in a .GCode file
  • make a new .STL file of your own using Tinkercad.
  • scale the size of your finished model up or down in size in CURA or make other basic transformations.

If you want to learn to use a sophisticated 3-D modeling software download Fusion 360 for free from