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Math: Introduction to Math guide

Fuelling Innovation and Discovery: Mathematical Sciences in the 21st Century

Mathematical Sciences in 2025


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Books/eBooks: links to selected books in print, in the catalog.The option to start searching the library catalog of books is present on every page - just use the "Search"  box  above.

Math Reference books:  dictionaries, encyclopedias and handbooks: online and in print. 

Tutorials on the Web:  links to tutorials, portals - and more! Help to understand concepts and practice!

Courses on the Web:  quite a few organizations and institutions, including top universities, offer access to full course information (i.e. texts, assignments, lectures) to peruse at your free time; some offer actual enrollment, with a possibility of earning a certificate of completion. Browse and consider.

Articles and Databases:  links to selected databases of articles and periodicals. 

Citing Resources: links to resources that will help you create citations and "works cited" list (also called "bibliography" or "reference list")

How Math is Connected..

The illustration below is from "The Mathematical Sciences in 2025", a report published by National Academies Press.

how math is connected

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