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Research on your Mobile Devices

Find out how to use your tablet or smartphone for library research, using apps, mobile sites, and more! Download ebooks, read articles, and make the most of your mobile device.


This guide will help you learn more about accessing library resources on your smartphone, tablet, or mobile device.

Use the tabs above to learn about using your specific type of device (like iPad or Android), or to learn more about accessing certain kinds of library resources (such as articles or eBooks).

FYI -- there are three basic ways of accessing library content on your mobile device:

Apps are downloadable applications that will show up on your mobile device's home screen.  In some cases, you will also need to use a login or access code (like your library card number) to access the resources via our library's apps.  Apps can be found in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Mobile sites are websites that have been designed to be viewed on a mobile device.  These are accessed through your device's web browser (for web-enabled devices).

Some eBook sites require you to Read in Browser.  This means that you need to have an active Internet connection to read the eBook, as opposed to downloading the entire book to your device.

Be sure to use the yellow navigation tabs above to find our more about using each of these methods with your particular device.

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