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Communication Studies

This research guide covers topics like speech writing, interpersonal communication and nonverbal communication.

Subject Guide: Communication Studies

Welcome to the Communication Studies Research Guide. You will find a comprehensive range of resources to support your exploration of communications and related topics. Alongside access to scholarly journals and databases in this guide, CSM Librarians can help you throughout your research in-person, via chat, or through one-on-one appointments.

Starting Research in Communication Studies

  1. Begin by identifying an area of interest, an area of communications, or speech topic you are interested in researching.
  2. Do some informal background research using Google or Wikipedia if you need to understand more about a topic, and keep track of what you find.
  3. Narrow down your topic to a specific question or issue, and isolate the major keywords of your topic or issue.
  4. Using your keywords, try searching several different sources including the OneSearch catalog and individual databases
  5. Consider consulting with a CSM librarian or your instructors for guidance and recommendations on relevant sources.
  6. As you gather information, critically evaluate sources for credibility and relevance to your research topic.
  7. Keep track of citations and take thorough notes to aid in the organization of your research findings.

Start with exploration

Sometimes it's hard to know where to start. Use these databases and tools to explore a variety of topics. Look for a link to "browse topics" or "View subject areas" to start exploriong.

Databases to Get Started

Once you have an idea about what you want to research, start by searching these databases. To view a full list of CSM Library databases visit our A-Z Databases page.

Searching OneSearch

OneSearch is the CSM Library's catalog of all of print and ebooks, and millions of articles from magazines, journals, newspapers, and more. OneSearch is a great place to start your search, but we recommend searching in individual databases as you proceed in your research.

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