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Poster Session

This guide will assist you with creating posters for class (and other) presentations.

Adding citations for You Posters

Posters, like essays, require you to cite your sources, making clear where you got your information, and creating citations for posters isn't any different than creating citations for essays. If you don't do this, you are plagiarizing!


Where to Place Your Citations

You can have each citation at the bottom of the section for the information it's citing. For example, a picture's citation can be beneath the picture or at the bottom of the section that holds the picture


you can place all of your citations together in one section of your poster


you can place all of your citations together on the back of your poster, similar to having them as an extra page after your essay

MLA Citations for Posters

MLA Citations for Images on Posters

APA Citations for Images and Info on Posters