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ENGL 100 - Peter Bruni: Comparing Economic Systems in the United States - Capitalism and Socialism

Finding background information on your topic

You've identified your topic & primary research concepts. Now it is time to start your research!
In this section you will get introduced to resources to help you find background information--primarily in reference resources like encyclopedias, or in books.

Remember the importance of using unbiased resources representing diverse points of view when you find resources (we'll talk more about this when we discuss evaluation).


  • What specific socio-economic indicators will I focus on in my research?
  • What is capitalism? What is the state of capitalism in the United States?
  • What is socialism? What is the state of socialism in the United States?

Socialism Books and Ebooks

Capitalism Books and Ebooks

Reference & Hot Topic Databases

Reference Books

Reference books are books such as dictionaries and encyclopedias that are not meant to be read cover to cover, but instead are meant to be "referred" to as needed. They are available in print and/or online, and typically can't be checked out. At CSM Library, the call number will start with "REF"