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Chemistry and Physics

Phet Interactive Simulations: Balancing Chemical Equations

Download, embed or run (Java). From the University of Colorado.


Practice balancing chemical equations - see the short illustrated guide below ↓

  • Start  with the provided examples - water, methane and ammonia (see top of the interface)
  • Select "Balance scales" or "Bar charts" from the bottom of the screen to help you visualize the results.
  • Once you balance your equation, the interface will  show you balanced scales (or bars)  and a smiley (see below)
  • snapshot of the Phet exercise interface
  • Ready to practice? Select the "Balancing game" tab (see below), select the level and have fun!
  • snapshot of the Phet exercise interface


Balance chemical reactions (and more...).A great tool for checking if you got your answer right! WolframAlpha will not show you step-by-step reasoning - but  "Balancing equation" from Cavalcade o' Chemistry will help you with that. Use the link below to access WolframAlpha.

Start by clicking on the "=" (equals) sign

snapshot of the WolframAlpha interface


Once you entered your equation, the tool interprets it and provides the balanced equation.

snapshot of the WolframAlpha interface


Note: you get correct answers as far as the dataset is complete.


Khan Academy: Balance Chemical Equations


Practice, get help (hints and videos) and see correct answers.

snapshot of the Khan Academy exercise interface