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Government Resources at CSM Library - a Federal Depository Library (partial)

College of San Mateo Library is a partial depository library for United States Government documents. This guide will help you find the collected documents in the library - and more online.

CSM Library FDLP Public Service Policy


  1. As a participant in the U.S. Government's Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP), College of San Mateo Library (CSM) offers the general public access to Government published information in print and electronic formats.
  2. The CSM Library attempts to maintain hardware that meets the latest "Recommended Specifications for Public Access Work Stations in Federal Depository Libraries" as published annually in Administrative Notes.
  3. The CSM Library makes tangible electronic products and services (CD-ROMs, floppy diskettes) selected in accordance with the CSM Library selection profile available to the general public in a timely manner. If the CSM Library is unable to provide adequate access to and technical support of its FDLP tangible electronic products, circulation of those products is made available in accordance with the library's circulation policies for other non-governmental tangible electronic products or other depository resources.
  4. The CSM Library provides Internet access to government information at no cost to the general public.
  5. A link to the Library’s FDLP online resources is provided on the CSM Library homepage.
  6. The CSM Library provides capability for fax and E-mail delivery of government information to distance users in accordance with existing library policies.
  7. The CSM Library provides public access to all depository items it receives including electronic government information products.
  8. The CSM Library provides the ability to download or print electronic government information in accordance with Government Printing Office requirements and guidelines.
  9. The CSM Library provides appropriate reference service and help guides/documentation of tangible electronic products and the Internet for CSM students and the general public.

December 2005

CSM Library FLDP Internet Use Policy

College of San Mateo Library (CSM) is a participant in the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP). As an FDLP participating library, CSM Library makes Federal Government information available to the general public via the Internet.

Online access to FDLP materials is made available under the following guidelines: 

  • Information products in the FDLP Electronic Collection are available for free and unrestricted searching at all Internet workstations in the Library.
  • All CSM Library patrons, including the general public, have unlimited use of the FDLP Electronic Collection during individual sessions on Library computers.
  • All CSM Library patrons may print or download FDLP materials to disk.
  • Printing documents or other materials from the FDLP Electronic Collection is charged at the same rate as printing for other CSM Library online electronic resources.
  • The Library provides all library patrons with the opportunity to purchase blank discs to download online information at minimal charge.
  • Reference librarians are available to assist patrons with searches of the FDLP Electronic Collection.

For access to the FDLP Electronic Collection, please visit the FDLP Desktop

December 2005