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Honors Project Seminar (Humanities)

Companion guide for library orientations for Honors Project Seminars (Humanities)

Citing resources

Why Cite?

Why do we cite?

                     Should I cite?

  • to acknowledge the cited author's expertise,
  • to allow the reader to find the source you are referencing, and
  • to enable her to use these references as a starting point for her own research...

At the very least compare citing to "assist" in soccer (or another sport): record is kept (statistics) and rewards follow (recognition, remuneration..)

Try thinking about it also in  terms of fairness and replicability.

This short video goes a little more in-depth on why citing is important:

Citation Maker Tools

All About Citing

Additional guides with examples.

A reminder: CSM library databases contain citations to all the articles available there...just look for the "cite" or "email" on the search results pages!