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Veterans Resource Guide

This guide features resources by, about, and for veterans.

Journals & Other Periodicals

Examples of some journals found in our databases...there are so many more!

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Search Tips

Synonyms & related concepts: use words that mean the same things or closely related topics when searching to unlock additional resources that use different terminology

Phrase search: use “ ” around phrases to lock words together. For example, "to be or not to be"

Boolean operators: use the words OR, AND, NOT to include, combine, and exclude keywords & concepts. For example, cute AND (cats OR dogs) NOT "raining cats and dogs"

Truncation: use truncation symbols such as “*” to search for additional possible endings for the same root word. For example, athlet* would search for athlete, athletes, athletic, athletics, athleticism, etc.

Wildcard: use wildcard symbols such as “?” in the middle of words that have alternate spellings such as color/colour by searching for col?r 

Nesting: use nesting to keep related keywords together within your search statement (kinesiology OR "human kinetics")

Usage of these shortcuts varies from database to database, check the help guide to see how they work in your database!