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ENGL 110 (Mangin-Hinkley): Welcome to the Conversation

Research Guide for ENGL110 Spring 2024
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Welcome ENGL 110 Students!

This research guide is designed to help you with the final steps of developing your portfolio for ENGL 110, specifically, searching, finding, and incorporating scholarly sources into your existing essays.


The Scholarly Conversation: How do you incorporate and engage outside voices within your own paper?

The scholarly conversation refers to the ongoing exchange of ideas, research findings, and debates within an academic discipline. It encompasses the dialogue among scholars, researchers, and students as they critically engage with existing literature, present new insights or findings, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their field.

As a student your role in the scholarly conversation is just beginning. In this class, you will be looking for articles written by other scholars about your authors and works of writing that will contribute to your own understanding of your topic. This kind of research doesn't mean just looking for the kinds of articles that reiterate what you've already said , but anything that helps enhance your understanding of the bigger picture.