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ENGL 100 Mangin

Guide supports the BTWAM Essay and the Research Essay for Sarah Mangin's ENGL 100/105 classes.

Welcome ENGL 100 Spring 2020

Welcome to the CSM Library

Use this guide to support your research for ENGL 100 Spring 2020. I'll be working with your class to support your research work on the BTWAM essay and the Research essay (essay #4).

My objectives for the instruction session:

  • Student awareness of specific CSM Library resources that support the assignment
  • Exploration search strategies challenges for this assignment.
  • Critical look at your research habits and assumptions

The Texts and the Assignment

*This is an excerpted from assignment handouts from Spring 2020.

Essay 3

Your task

Each student will locate ONE resource (an article from a reputable magazine or academic journal; a well-researched editorial essay; a chapter in a book; or an entire book) on your assigned topic that your entire group determines to be trustworthy and relevant for the Essay 3 prompt. During our time in the library and in class, collaborate with your fellow group members to locate, assess, and describe your resources.

Final Essay

Main Prompt: 

In a six-page research essay, convince the reader what we should think about the specific problem you’ve defined, and what we should do about it. You must incorporate at least four credible outside sources.