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DANC 100 Walton

A course guide designed to help students in the Dance Appreciation course complete their research paper assignment.

Writing & Citation Style

Your professor wants you to consistently use one citation style for your research paper assignment. Common styles are Chicago, MLA, or APA style.

Why cite?

Scholarship is a conversation, and you are responsible for providing the context for your readers, as follows:

  • to acknowledge the information you used (and did not create yourself)
  • to acknowledge the cited author's expertise,
  • to allow the reader to find the source you are referencing and
  • to enable her to use the references as a starting point for her own research...

Online Citation Help Sources

Citation Maker Tools

NoodleTools is an online application that helps you create citations and reference lists step-by-step. Try it, you'll like it!

Image Captions

Creating Image Captions & Citations

with Chicago style 

Example for an image from the web

Avenue in the park in front of Schloss Kammer / Gustav Klimt

Fig 1. Avenue in the Park of Schloss Kammer = Allee im Park vor Schloss Kammer. Gustav Klimt. 1912. Digitales Belvedere [online]. Vienna: Austria. [cited 10 Jan. 2013]. Available from World Wide Web: (

Source: ArtSTOR Help>Citing

Should I cite this? Questions to ask yourself..

Citing decision flowchart from Cardiff University Information Services

Image from the Cardiff University Information Services page at

Resources for Chicago Style

Resources for MLA Style

Resources for APA Style