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DANC 100 Walton

A course guide designed to help students in the Dance Appreciation course complete their research paper assignment.

step dancers hula dancers

Read an interview with Step Afrika! company founder C. Brian Williams in the article, Bringing Step to the Stage, via Stance on Dance. Photo credit: Photo by Jati Lindsay. Modified based on an image available from Stance on Dance.

Read an interview with Nā Lei Hulu I Ka Wēkiu company director Patrick Makuakāne in the article, Creating Hula in Response to Climate Change, via Stance on Dance. Photo credit: Photo by Patrick Kelley. Modified based on an image available from Stance on Dance.

Featured Resources

Appreciate Dance in Film

A man and woman dancing under the stars, La La Land movie ad

Freeway Dance Scene in La La Land

Hear what choreographer Mandy Moore has to say about the freeway dance scene in La La Land.

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