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2022 CSM Centennial

A collection of pictures and stories of the CSM college community to commemorate 100 years.

CSM is 100 Years Old!


This libguide is a celebration of the College of San Mateo's (CSM) 100 years as an institution in the year of 2022.

You'll find a collection of stories and pictures that highlights CSMs vast population over the years. Also, check out CSM's Centennial page and the display cases in CSM Library.


Information on this libguide is from the College of San Mateo Library Archive unless otherwise noted.

CSM Campus Over the Years

CSM Library at Coyote Point Chapel 1922-1963

Then: San Mateo Junior College Library

San Mateo Junior College Library. Converted from the Coyote Point Chapel. Formerly used by the Merchant Marine Academy. 1940's.

CSM Library

Now: Current CSM Library

Recent picture of CSM Library.

Students walking on campus

Then: Coyote Point campus

Between classes.1950s

Students on CSM campus in front of Student Center

Now: CSM campus

Between classes

Then: Coyote Point campus

Between classes -- view facing north/ 1940's 1950's

Students walking on campus

Now: CSM campus

Between classes.

Cafeteria Coyote Point 1940s 1950s

Then: Cafeteria

Cafeteria at Coyote Point 1940s 1950s

CSM College Center Bay View Dining Room and Balcony

Now: Bay View Dining Room

Bay View Dining Room and Balcony. Located in College Center with various student resources.

(LPA Design Studios)

CSM Changes

Old and new library and new campus bid meeting

From left to right: 1961 Ariel View of College Heights Campus. The previous library at Coyote Point and the current library at College Heights. Bids meeting for new campus.

The Campus Yearbook