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2022 CSM Centennial

A collection of pictures and stories of the CSM college community to commemorate 100 years.

(The) San Mateo Centaur

The San Mateo Centaur Oct. 1927

First Issue: Cover

"The Centaur addresses itself to those who live well. It is distinctly a magazine for moderns, for sophisticates, and for athletes. It is devoted to the increase of the gayety of the campus. Sit its contents as you would rare old champagne."

Published monthly by Journalism students.

Centaur Oct. 1927

pgs 6-7

Centaur Oct. 1927

pgs 12-13

Centaur Oct. 1927

Back cover.

Centaur Nov. 1927


Centaur Nov. 1927

pgs 26-27

Centaur Nov. 1927

pgs. 32-33

(The) Literary Review

student publication literary review june 1928

Literary Review June 1928

First issue. The publication was to be a supplement of The San Matean. 

first story in the literary review


Literary Review. June 1928. The first page of the first story.

inside cover dedication with editors signature

Inside Cover Dedication

Literary Review. June 1928. Inside cover writing of first publication dedication to Dr. Balderston.

Literary Review May 1930

The first page.

The Lit

The Lit Fall 1931

Cover. Volume 4. Number 1.

The Lit was a publication of the Quill Club at the San Mateo Junior College.

Table of Contents

The Lit. 1931.

The Lit 1940


The Lit 1940

Table of Contents.

The Lit 1940

Table of Contents 2.

The Lit 1940


The Lit 1950


The Lit 1950

The Battle for Jerusalem by Shlomo Argov

The Lit 1960


The Lit 1960

Inside Cover

The Lit 1960

Poem: Aunt Maude by Carolyn Misselwitz

Free Forum 1967? (full publication)

Free Forum

Cover 1967?

Free Forum was a club "to provide the student with an outlet for his beliefs and abilities no matter what they are! Our policy is that of no discrimination of any kind, shape or form...At the present time the clubs main organ of expression is a free press magazine which will be published whenever the quality and quantity of material make it possible. This issue is open to any form of topical material, (political, poetry, art, essays, photography or drawings). The material may be from on or off campus sources and the paper can hopefully be published weekly if the volume of material and enthusiasm of students permit it. This publication is an experiment and whether it succeed or fails will judge the maturity and social consciousness of the study body of CSM."

Free Forum

p. 1 of 10

Free Forum

p. 2 of 10

Free Forum

p. 3 of 10

Free Forum

p. 4 of 10

Free Forum

p. 5 of 10

Free Forum

p. 6 of 10

Free Forum

p. 7 of 10

Free Forum

p. 8 of 10

Free Forum

p. 9 of 10

Free Forum

p. 10 of 10

Free Forum

Back cover.

In the Margins, Issue 1 Autumn 1990

Cover Page

page 12, Taking the Plunge - Acquiring a Computer

page 13 Hight Tech Center

cont. Taking the Plunge - Acquiring a Computer

page 14, The Learning Disabled

Monday Morning Blues (full publication)

First Issue, Cover Page, Septermber, 10 (1980?)

More information about these publications.

Student Government Messages

First Issue, pgs 1, 2

cont. Student Government Messages and 1st football game

First Issue, pgs 3, 4

Joe's Donuts and President's Message (Joe Robinson)

First Issue, pgs 5, 6

First Issue, Back Cover

Staff Newsletter, First Issue 1971

Front Page

Back Page

Unicorn: A Contemporary Journal (Spring 1981)

Front and back covers

Unicorn is a general-interest magazine with a literary emphasis...we try to publish the best poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art submitted to us. 

Copyright and information pages

Poetry by various authors

Jessie Lane, Karia Gilbert, D.J. Meherin, and Manuel Pagan


Short story by Sunita Sohrabji


Poetry by Suzanne Bennett


Essay by Kim Horn


by Nancy Montague

Art: Syd and poem: bummer bio-rhythms

Art by Steve Bird and Poem by Susan Kersnar

The Hardest Road

by J.T. Nihan

In Honor of Gene Fowler

by Teri Teeling


by Bonnie Jean Millar

Poems and Art

Poems by Yolande Hilpisch, Art by Nancy Montague

Poetry by various authors

Art: Prelude to Urban Development and Poem: I.

by Jeff Loge and K.M. Nochols

Short Story: Are Our Night Games Normal? and Poem: Door

by Maryanne Silber and Pete Doolin

Poems by Marie Amerlie


by Eric Paul Holm and Manuel Pagan

Poetry by various authors

Poetry by various authors

Poetry by various authors and Back Page information

Vintage 1970

Vintage Magazine 1970

Published once each year at the College of San Mateo, by the magazine production staff with contributions from the student body.


Drop Out Interview

by Robert Kirkpatrick

Dear Jimdandyfreeslave

by Maggie


by John Milligan


by R. Merkel

Poetry by various authors


by Janice Macauley


by Steve Webber

The Perils of Technocracy

by Mike Makowsky

The Bureaucrats

by Jean Robinson

Art and Poetry by various authors